Dance With Dinesh

It has been a great experience with Dinesh Sir..Regardless at what level u r at as a dancer...u will get value out of Sir's class and go with the flow... .he is passionate, dedicated and a great motivator.... Thankyou sir for inspiring me.

Vinutha Srinivas

He is a very good choreographer .. and a dedicated person .. he is very passionate about his work .. can see from his work. He teaches in a very simple way which even a non dancer can understand .. I enjoy a lot in his class.

Dipti Kutty

Dinesh Sir is very passionate, creative and always thrive for perfection. Aside from being a talented choreographer, he is warm, friendly, and encouraging. He kept the rehearsals productive and stress free for the students. He always provided any kind of support we needed. I wish Dinesh Sir all the very best.

Swati Singh Mukherjee